We have a few Videos which you can check out!

Official video: ‘Smile’ by Foxwillow Trio 2019 filmed in and around Exmoor.

We are in the process of updating our videos and have a few on the way but here are some older ones that are not too embarrassing!!

Here is a track from our gig we in Cove Village Hall, Devon. It’s called ‘Time’ and written by Celia.

This was recorded at the Respect Festival in Exeter 2016


Here is a compilation of video clips we have put to the track ‘Everything You Say’ from the CD Forgotten Shadows.

Foxwillow walking and singing ‘Shine’ written by Martin —– trying not to bump into Lex Mckee who was filming it!

Just a little Living room session! This is ‘Sleepwalking, written by Martin

Here is ‘Blue men of the sea’ which was just a little ‘fun’ first video. It was recorded in Pembrokeshire along the cliffs. We tried to be clever and record it in different positions. We filmed it ourselves and edited it together!

Here is a track from our CD ‘Forgotten Shadows’ CD. ——- ‘Beautiful Yellow’ —– just to give you a taster!



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