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Foxwillow are a songwriting/singing duo. They are; Martin who sings, plays guitar, bass and percussion. Celia who sings, plays flute and Clarinet. They write all their own songs and have been working together since 2000. They take their inspiration from all aspects of life, with strong links to the natural environment. Their style fits well into the acoustic ‘singer-songwriter’ genre, with links to folk, country and rock. Their music has been likened to ‘Buckingham and Nicks’ but they aim to maintain a uniqueness, with focus on harmonies, crisp guitar rhythm and melodic flute and clarinet.

Although Foxwillow try to remain unique, they are no doubt influenced by their interest in a wide variety of musical styles  from; Simon and Garfunkel, Thea Gilmore, Alison Kraus, Gillian Welsh, KT Tunstall, The Wailin’ Jennys and Richard Shindell to The Levellers, The Oyster Band, Peter Gabriel and Pink Floyd!

Foxwillow are at present promoting their latest CD ‘Time’ which is under the name ‘Foxwillow Trio’ with Hazel Prior on the Celtic Harp. 2017 and 18 saw us doing a number of festivals/gigs together and we are looking forward to further promoting our CD in 2019.

Life before Foxwillow!


Before Foxwillow Martin played in a band called ‘PYG’ that described themselves as ‘Caustic folk’. They played in pubs in the Exeter area between 1993 and 2000.

He also played in a percussion and keyboard group called ‘Drumbeg’ with John Palmer, playing both keyboards and drums/percussion in the early 1990’s.

He has also worked on a number of duo projects including; ‘Meltin Rain’ with multi instrumentalist Lex Mckee and ‘The Offcuts’ with fiddle player Steven Sibbald in the Mid 1990’s.

Martin’s introduction to music was initially though keyboard sound-scapes which he spent hours recording and setting to visuals. He then widened his musical sphere, taking in drums and percussion.

In the late 1980’s Martin started song-writing and playing the guitar, which has led him eventually to ‘Foxwillow’ with Celia.


Before Foxwillow Celia sang in a quartet called ‘The Giddy Aunts’ and a trio called ‘Amavoche’ with Alise Ojay and Jo Bowler which she continues to do, as well as singing in a  small harmony group.

She has sung with the Crediton world choir since the 1990’s.

In her 20’s she played bass guitar and sang in pubs and clubs in a covers duo called ‘Driftwood’.

Celia is mostly self taught on the clarinet and flute and enjoys composing riffs and tunes to accompany Foxwillow songs.


Foxwillow began with a chance meeting as Occupational Therapists (They are both Occupational Therapists by profession, but Music is gradually drawing them deeper and deeper In!!!) They soon realised that they had a common and complementary musical passion. This sharing of songs and love of harmonies led to the recording of many demo’s which never really saw the light of day (Yet!!). They then started playing at open mics and small gigs and went by the name of  ‘Lemongrass’  Sometimes joined by saxophonist/clarinet Dave Mckeown, from the ‘Joyce Gang’

They often play  with Guitarist Lester Halhed —— but only behind closed doors! —— unfortunately he’s not keen to play live!

Martin and Celia both write songs and enjoy putting together new material which will perhaps end up on a future CD. However ,only a small proportion of songs are officially recorded, but there are many unofficial recordings hidden away, waiting for that right moment!

Much of their recent work is with Hazel Prior on the Celtic harp which has really added an unexpected dimension!

Always writing, trying out new ideas and instruments ——– I wonder where this long and winding road will take us?!


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